Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 months

Sayonara, Subaru!

We FINALLY sold Matt's car and may soon be making the switch to a mini van! Wow...I never thought I could see myself driving a mini van, but I am actually looking forward to the room! I really hope we find one! I will miss Ryan telling (or yelling at) his daddy to "Go fast, Daddy...GO FAST!" from the back seat of the Subaru! I don't think he'll be pushing the pedal in the van!

My Little Cowboy

3 things Ryan loves - 1) his cowboy hat (he also has a galloping stick pony he rides around the house and an extra cowboy hat he likes for us to wear), 2) Curious George (he would wear this shirt everyday if he could) and 3) his Crocs (he will occasionally still put them on the wrong feet).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reading Time

I put Jacob on the sofa in his Bumbo this morning and Ryan jumped up there and started "reading" his "I'm a Big Brother" book to him...

...and then he got down and kissed him.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Ryan loves playing with his bubble maker lawnmower...especially when daddy is outside cutting the grass, too. He will push it around the yard for hours. I wonder if he really thinks he is cutting the grass?

What a swing! Many days Ryan doesn't want to change out of his pajamas, so he ends up in the backyard playing in is getting a little hot to stay in them these days though!

Everytime we color with the sidewalk chalk Ryan wants us to draw a bus...he has been very fasinated with buses for a while and has several different ones he likes to play with. When we were outside the other day and I drew with him all over the concrete, he kept telling me "Good job, Mom, good job". It was so sweet!

What a Face!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Night Brother

Ryan likes to climb into Jacob's crib and tell him goodnight...I don't think Jacob liked it as much this time from the face he is making! Jacob is now sleeping in the boy's room (for the most part) and it is hilarious to listen through the monitor as Ryan talks to if they totally understand each other.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

I enjoyed my Mother's Day with all the boys! We went to church (although we only made it a few minutes before we ended up in the cry room because Ryan was talking loudly and calling for his daddy and Jacob was crying - oh well!), took long naps and ate dinner with good friends. I feel incredibly blessed to be a mom and many times can't believe these two boys are mine. They are precious and God is good to entrust them to me!

Buck Creek Festival

Matt, Dan, MC, Daniel, Olivia, Evelyn, Ann Marie,
Ryan and me (with Jacob)

Matt and Dan listening to the band

Sweet Daniel enjoying his drink

Someone enjoyed their nachos & cheese!

Saturday we spent part of the day at the Buck Creek Festival with some of our best friends, the Godfreys. It was great to be with them enjoying good food, good music (Act of Congress) and good weather! All the kids did great playing on the playground and shopping at the vendor booths!

Sweet Jacob

Jacob is cooing and smiling so much now, but I can never seem to capture it! My camera is very slow these days... He is just so much fun and Ryan is enjoying him more and more. Although, he does tell him to "Be patient" and "Calm down" when he starts crying. I wonder where he gets that??