Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a great day. Ryan enjoyed playing with his bathtub crayons and watching his Leap Frog DVD that the Easter bunny left him. We had a wonderful sermon and great worship at church and realized how thankful we are for our church family. Ryan did really well sitting in church and Jacob slept the entire time!! And, we ended our day at my parent's house for dinner.

Egg Hunt

This was our second year to attend Helena's Annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was a little cold, but it was fun to see all the toddlers trying to figure out what to do! Ryan was a little unsure at first, but managed to collect a few eggs. I think his favorite part was the cookies and juice at the end!

Easter Egg Fun!

Since the forecast called for rain on Friday, I planned an indoor project with Ryan dying Easter eggs. He really enjoyed wasn't too messy and we only ended up with a few cracked eggs!

Trying to decide with color to use...

Patiently waiting for the egg to dye...

An orange egg for Jacob!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day Out with Thomas

On Saturday we went on our first family outing (besides the park!) to the Heart of Dixie Railroad in Calera to see Thomas the Train. This year Ryan has become fascinated with trains...he has a train table set up in the living room, train sheets on his toddler bed, several train books that he loves to read over and again and Thomas the Train pajamas that we can't get off him! And, when we get stopped by a train, he loves to tell us the names of the train cars as they pass...hopper cars, gondola cars, flat cars and "boose" is very cute!

We had a great day riding the trains, having our picture made with Sir Topham Hatt, feeding the animals at the petting zoo (Ryan especially loved the goats) and eating lots of fair food! Jacob loved being snuggled up to mommy in the sprout pouch and slept the entire time. It was a beautiful day and so fun to be together with the family!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Family of Four

I have been wanting to start this blog since Ryan was born (over two years ago!) and am sad that I am just now getting to it. But, I figured there is no better time than with the birth of our new son, Jacob Parks!

Jacob is already seven weeks old and growing like a weed. We went to the doctor and weighed him yesterday and he has almost doubled his birth weight! He started tummy time at two weeks and by four weeks he had already rolled over three times (I am such a proud mommy!).

Ryan has started to adjust to having another person in the house and sharing his parents attention. The first couple of weeks were challenging, but he is enjoying "helping" me with "Jabub". He helps give him a bottle, enjoys holding him and likes to put his pacifier back in his mouth when he has cried too loud or too long! I think he is going to be a great big brother!

I have really enjoyed being at home with our boys and I look forward to our adventures as a family of four!